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Service and technology

 Dongrui holds "the pursuit of hundred percent customer satisfaction," a principle of service, our company for many years continuous improvement service system, and strive to improve the quality of service. Therefore, our company established service system in line with the ISO9001 service quality standards, improve the full range of service for users.
My company's service system composed mainly by the customer service call center, project management department, engineering department and other departments. In this project, our company according to the actual situation of users, our company will set up a special project team, personnel and technology in this project to give maximum support and protection.
1 maintenance of equipment failure
When the equipment problems, diagnosis, analysis of the problem and solve the problem.
2 consulting services
Provide free technical advice and other technical support services for users. Including technical guidance of equipment management, to help customers make a backup plan, improve the work log, computer room system, a code of conduct.
3 high speed, high quality service
Our company is responsible for free maintenance for a year to provide equipment
4 tracking service
Our company has established active tracking service system, even if the user not to call a maintenance requirements, we also assigned to regular inspection tour service, accomplish a nip in the bud, equipment to ensure the normal operation.
1 technical training services before equipment development
In order to make the party a technical personnel and management personnel have a macro concept of equipment, our company set up early technical training services, the technical characteristics of the principle of equipment and product introduction and training of the user.
2 on-site technical training services
In order to make the party a technical staff to familiarize themselves with the installation of debugging techniques, our company in equipment installation and commissioning process, began to responsible for the training of 3 ~ 4 name the Party A equipment operating personnel and management personnel, so that once the equipment is completed, Party A's operation and management personnel can independent post operation.
3 after the completion of the equipment detailed technical training
After the completion of the equipment, once again training 2~3 equipment operation technical personnel and management personnel, so that they are not only familiar with the operation of equipment, but also to be familiar with the maintenance of equipment and related technologies. The main purpose of service and technology is to the long-term interests of customers, but also in order to make the equipment more stable operation, in order to reduce the cost of customer management and maintenance costs.


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