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Learn how to choose according to the mechanical structure of shoes

 According to the structure mode of shoe-making machinery:
A punching component is along the beam move around the punching head, a cutter is fixed on the cutting head can also be placed on the processed object. Large, computer control of Longmen shoe punch installed on a rotating knife mold, use can be according to the order of typesetting, choose a suitable tool; corresponding to be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism, this is gantry shoe
Second, die cut parts can swing the rocker, suitable for natural materials, leather and artificial leather and so on some non metal material punching, this is rocker shoe
Three, double cylinder and four column automatic balance connecting rod structure, which is tetrastyle shoes shoes machinery precision mechanism
Four, Longmen shoe is the difference between the direct beam punching, five movable punching head. Flat shoes can be divided into: fixed beams, beams can move back and forth and table slide moves back and forth, this is flat shoes.


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