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The shoe line should be how to manage?

 1, the most important point is the balance of the assembly line control, do not have a bottleneck. Do a good job in the production line balance is the most basic;
2, pay attention to the accumulation of the assembly line, the assembly line once there is a need to immediately conduct coordination;
3, the product of each process distribution should be uniform, personnel management discipline should be unified;
4, in the pipeline to specify a key process for the quality control point, a team leader in the last line of the assembly line, the initial inspection, some products can be timely maintenance.
5, calculate the beat and utilization rate, equipment intact rate and maintenance rate, material consistency etc.. Mainly in the control of SOP.
6, there is equipment, then OEE index is very important (equipment utilization). But in terms of quality, it is important to add the appropriate defense stay, or batch scrape is serious.
Production line management is more important than the organization and design of the pipeline, once the improper management, will be lost by the wayside, amounting to less than expected.


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