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Shoe machinery must know what knowledge ah?

 With cardboard to make quality is reliable? Used to make leather shoes are made of pig, cow leather processing. Natural leather resources are now reduced. Alternative materials are used instead of natural materials. If the shoe insole board is widely used at home and abroad. Good quality shoes with inner bottom cardboard moisture absorption, permeability, flex, interlaminar strength and tear resistance, dimensional stability and can fully meet the application requirements. Such as wear after inner bottom cardboard fracture, shrinkage deformation, hard, the stratified belong to substandard quality. Use steam spray device, first spray washing uppers and rapid heating and dry. And then by the vacuum type massage shoe. The various parts of the temperature setting, you can according to the toe, heel, different materials to adjust the different temperature, the shoes were streamlined, perfect appearance, shape effect is better. Use of rail rolling transmission to take delivery, to improve the service life of the products and the stability of the machine, while also reducing the machine impairment charges. The rotary circular conveyor belt, save time, improve the productivity and stability of product quality. Dongguan Dongrui shoemaking machine factory equipment maintenance to achieve the following points: lubrication oil, lubricating oil, regular appliances complete. Cleaning: clean the inside and outside of the equipment, the sliding surface without black grease.


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