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Hot melt machine roller line machine common faults, causes and Solutions

 1 fault phenomena: material when drawing roller
Cause: the temperature of the rubber roller is not enough; the rubber CPS is too high and not suitable for the machine operation.
Elimination: re adjust the high roller wheel temperature; for the model of plastic machine
2 fault phenomenon: plastic barrel storage jar and melt yellowing and carbonization
Cause: the high temperature glue roller; time; glue time; rubber antioxidant ability of aging
Exclude: reset the roller temperature to wire prevail; intermittent stop gumming wheel running; gravity hot melt glue
3 fault phenomenon: the adhesive glue in glue storage tank
Cause: the oblique iron and the adhesive roller clearance is too large; rubber roller temperature; the work material is too thin does not apply glue roller
Exclusion method: using cross screwdriver adjust the gap is the best; moderate high rubber roller temperature; should stop using spraying type
4 failure phenomena: material coating will go into silicon rubber on the back
Cause: silicone round pasted to the hot melt adhesive is not clear; the work material above has been coated with hot melt adhesive or other adhesive
The way out: stop immediately, with kerosene or white mineral oil clean, reoccupy. Because instant glue stick silicon rubber produced two rollback phenomenon can not work with viscose glue.
5 failure phenomenon: the roller wheel card die not work
Causes: Bearing long-term gas burned; mixed slag and cloth scraps long-term plugging into the glue groove blocked, roller resistance to the motor load leads to the motor from burning out
Exclude: replacement of bearings; Changqing wash glue storage tank; strictly according to the operation procedures; burn motor overhaul surprise responsibility


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