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PVC blowing machine is suitable for?

 Dongrui PVC blowing machine is suitable for?
1:PVC blowing machine is specially suitable for the production of various types of monochrome soles, slippers, sandals, semi unification shoes, especially for full plastic shoes, sports shoes, Xiuxian shoes effect is especially good.
2: material is suitable for the production of foam or foam, all kinds of thermoplastic materials, such as PVC, TPR etc..
The 3: ergonomic design, easy operation, strong affinity.
4: electronic circuit collocation continuously, reduce waiting time, production speed, increase production, reduce energy consumption.
The 5: is equipped with air injection device, so that the footwear products have soft, light, brilliance and other characteristics of the surface value added.
6: has a variety of different number of stations to choose, suitable for a small amount or a large number of production.
7: PVC blowing machine Baishun quality assurance, one year warranty.


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