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Maintenance and maintenance of injection molding machine

Injection molding machine has a complex shape size precision or the texture dense plastic products with embedded metal, is widely used in defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education, health and people daily life fields. Injection molding process for a variety of plastic processing has good adaptability, high production capacity, and easy to achieve automation. In today's rapid development of plastic industry, injection molding machine regardless of in the number or species occupies an important position, thus becoming the fastest growth in plastic machinery, one of the largest number of production models.
China's plastic processing enterprise star Rocheb, all over the country, the level of equipment technology is uneven, most of the processing enterprises need technical transformation. In the past few years, China plastic machinery industry technology progress and remarkable, especially the gap in injection molding machine technology level with foreign brands has greatly narrowed in the control level, internal product quality and appearance to make significant change. Selection of domestic equipment, with a smaller investment, the same can also produce a product with the quality of imported equipment. These create the conditions for the technological transformation of enterprises. In order to strengthen the use, maintenance and management of plastic machinery, the correct use, reasonable lubrication, careful maintenance, regular maintenance, planned maintenance, improve the integrity rate of equipment, so that the equipment is often in good condition.
Note on the operation process of injection molding machine:
Develop good shoe sole injection molding machine operation habit to improve the machine life and production safety are great benefits.
Before starting the boot: (1) check whether there is water, oil into the control box, if the electrical damp, do not boot. Maintenance personnel will be dry after the boot appliance parts. (2) check the supply voltage is in line with the general should not exceed 15%. (3) check the emergency stop switch, before and after the safety door switch is normal. Verify the direction of rotation of the motor and oil pump is consistent. (4) check the cooling pipe is smooth, and the cooling water jacket of the oil cooler and the barrel at the end of the cooling water is injected into the. (5) to check whether the various parts of the activities of the lubricating oil (grease), and add enough oil. (6) to open the electric heating barrel sections. When the temperature reaches the requirement, the thermal insulation for a period of time, so that the machine temperature tends to be stable. Holding time is different according to different equipment and plastic raw materials. (7) enough plastic in the hopper. According to the plastic injection molding different requirements, some of the raw material is best to go through the dry. (8) to cover the heat shield on the barrel, which can save energy and extend the life of the electric heating coil and current contactor.
Operation process: (1) do not for the sake of convenience, free to cancel the role of security door. (2) to observe the pressure, oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed the limit. The ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45~50 and 35~60, which is more suitable in the range of. (3) pay attention to the adjustment of the travel limit switch, to avoid the impact of the machine in action.
At the end of the work: (1) before the shutdown, the machine should be cleaned inside the plastic cleaning, prevention of residual material oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition. (2) should be open to die, long time toggle mechanism is in the locked condition. (3) the workshop must have lifting equipment. Be careful to ensure the safety of production when loading and removing dies and other bulky parts.


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