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How to repair the sole injection molding machine?

 Maintain sole injection molding machine is a technical work, so to continue to carry out the cumulative.
So to clear each step to maintain, to know where the problem is, this can be an antidote against the disease.
Maintenance work to do accurate, reliable and timely, must be on the various types of injection molding machine instructions in the use of content to be studied and mastered, general maintenance process, sole injection machine maintenance ideas usually consists of a circuit - oil - mechanical parts of the action. The adjustment of the work and in turn, such as mechanical action and mode locking pressure loss, can find the circuit and the circuit, such as the circuit output is normal, the adjustment of the oil circuit valve.
If the oil path of the injection molding machine is normal, the circuit board is adjusted. Of course, the final adjustment, but the relationship between the three interdependence, mutual control. The correct use of instruments and meters, calibration test circuit, overhaul of the circuit, testing the mechanical part of the position and action, is an important means to determine the fault. General injection molding machine manufacturers only give equipment electrical block diagram, the block diagram of the circuit and the main parts of the machinery, which is not enough for the maintenance work. Must pay attention to the daily maintenance work, collect and collate all aspects of the relevant information. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuit, electromagnetic valve and other aspects of the information. Such as electrical if there is a chance to surveying and mapping circuit schematics, surveying and mapping of the electronic board schematic diagram and the actual wiring diagram measured corresponding to the terminal devices and other relevant information, to make in the maintenance for fault judgment and analysis provide the whereabouts of the accurate detection. Measure the specific parameters of the detection point. When necessary, but also make their own power supply, analog input and output signals, analog test or calibration, in order to master and obtain the first hand maintenance data, such as the parameters of the operating point, etc..
Above is the sole injection molding machine maintenance experience.


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