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Sole injection machine how to repair, what skills?

 Some customers will encounter failure of the injection molding machine, then, how the novice to repair it, is not the sole injection molding machine maintenance master? The following will teach you some simple tricks:
In the forming process of sole injection molding machine may be due to the raw material processing is not good, product or tooling design unreasonable, operators do not master suitable process conditions, or due to mechanical, often make the products note dissatisfaction, depression, flying edge, bubbles, cracks, warping deformation and scale variations defects.
Sole injection molding machine, the following conditions should be timely maintenance:
Machine true mold clamping force is insufficient. Selection of injection molding machine, the machine's rated clamping force must be higher than the injection molding products in the vertical projection area of the formation of the injection of tension, otherwise it will cause the expansion of the mold, the emergence of flying edge.
II clamping device regulate poorly, toggle mechanism is not straight, produced or around, or on the lower mold is not balanced, the mould parallelism can not achieve the phenomenon caused by unilateral mold side is tight and on the other side does not close, the injection will appear while flying.
The mold itself is not parallel, or loaded in parallel, or template is not parallel, or uneven distribution of tension, uneven deformation, which will cause the mold is not close and fly.
4 check loopback badly worn; nozzle spring spring failure; cylinder or screw wear and tear is too large; inlet cooling system caused by the failure of the "bridge" phenomenon; lack of barrel setting of injection dosage, buffer is too small may cause flash appears repeatedly, must be timely repair or replacement of parts.
Above is the simple introduction of shoe sole injection molding machine maintenance.


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