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Introduction of raw materials

 1. What is RB:Rubber, the rubber, the points for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, the major sources of natural rubber in Hevea Rubber, synthetic rubber is by artificial synthesis methods, using different raw materials (monomer) synthesized by different kinds of rubber, butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber production and volume of the largest common synthetic rubber. RB shoe sole wear-resisting is good, shrink stability, good flexibility, but the material is heavy, generally used in the outer bottom.
2. What is PU:Polyurethane, polymer polyurethane synthetic material is based on rubber foam density durable material, density, high hardness, wear resistance, good elasticity, but strong water absorption, easy to break, easy to yellow. PU is often used in basketball and tennis shoes in the bottom or back in the bottom layer, but also can be directly used for casual shoes outsole. 3 what is PVC:Polyvinylchloride, polyvinyl chloride, is one of the widely used synthetic materials in today's world. Most of the cheaper, oil resistant, wear-resistant, good insulation performance, but poor slip resistance, not cold, not broken, poor permeability.
4 what is Polyurethane TPU:Thermoplastic, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, is a linear polymer material. TPU has the advantages of good elasticity, but the material weight, the ability to absorb shock is poor. Used to jog, walk, leisure shoes.
5 what is Rubber TPR:Thermoplastic, thermoplastic elastomer, also known as thermoplastic rubber. Both the high strength of rubber, high elasticity, and can be injection molding processing, has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, a wide range of hardness, good color, soft touch, anti fatigue, good temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, such as multiple characteristics. Can not only two injection molding, but also can be molded separately, but poor wear resistance.
6 what is TR:TPE and rubber composite materials, with a variety of appearance, feel good, Shai Zeyan, high degree of finish, high technology content, and can be 100% recycled, are environmentally friendly type of sole material. The identification and characteristics of the material of the sole: about PU, PVC, TPR, RUBBER and PU identify! Is the lightest of the most wear-resisting material. PU sole is easy to recognize, very light in his hand, the soles are round the back of the hole. The PVC material with sole to be heavier than TPR in hand TPR. A shoe sole elastic material is better than PVC, the sole Kennedy took off, naturally, if naturalspring up words is TPR PVC material TPR sole is cheaper, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break the bottom. PVC materials have a sole is no note and perforation, nose to smell it, taste. The surface of the sole put a time long words also long white thing.TR is very light. Compared with the general TPR sole to some hard.TR injection than TPR. Injection hole is special. Weight: RUBBER (rubber) the most important PU, EVA, light, material Material: Pu expensive, EVA, TPR moderate, PVC is the cheapest, process: TPR made out is a molding, PVC processing, ABS is generally high-heeled shoes materials, expensive and hard, application: PVC with in material or non to withstand the weight of the site, or manufacturing children;
PU leather can be applied to the fabric of footwear or under the weight of the parts. In the bag, for more is PVC leather. This is because the items in the bag is different from the feet to wear shoes, not emit heat; do not bear the weight of individual. Pu, PVC difference way is relatively easy, from the corner to see Pu base cloth to than PVC thick many, feel also has the distinction of, Pu soft some; PVC feel is hard some; also can burn with burn, the taste of PU than PVC taste to light many.


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