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Chinese shoes and other brand foothold in Europe is also a long way to go

In recent years, from clothing to appliances, from toys to the bags, a large number of Chinese made goods landed in Europe, not only boosting the foreign trade of China, and European consumers benefit, this looks the best of both worlds trade reached a win-win situation for the purpose. But in the red hot scene was covered with an embarrassing fact: European consumers only know that there are Chinese made goods, but have independent brands and intellectual property rights of China to create nothing. Not long ago, in the UK, Bermingham organized the China brand merchandise exhibition in Europe, also confirmed this point. Therefore, to create high-quality brand image, will be an important task for Chinese enterprises to "go out".
Made in China is being integrated into the Europeans living in the moment, common European consumer goods made in China is no stranger to as the world's largest manufacturing center, labeled "made in China" label all kinds of goods would occupy the every corner of Europe size of the mall and supermarket shelves. These are closely related with the basic necessities of life necessities, early also will China goods and daily life in Europe together. Mayor Mike Whitby Birmingham, the second largest city in the United Kingdom, in talking about the status of Chinese goods in the UK opened the chatterbox, he pointed to his body clothes to the reporter said: "you see I am wearing clothes and neckties are products of China, I liked to play with." This tall and some fat middle-aged man added: "every day I have to drink a cup of Chinese tea, which can makes me look young, tall, slim." Chinese tea can let the mayor's weight loss and to be seen, but Chinese goods let the common European consumer wallet "burden" is the daily happened. Low cost of products made in China into a lot of consumer choice, especially in the wake of the financial crisis, economic recovery in Europe, weakness, consumer income generally shrinking, but it does highlight the price advantage of Chinese goods. Dr. Taylor Rocker of the University of Nottingham School of contemporary China on this point deep experience. He was in Beijing and Shanghai for a period, fully understand the China commercial influence in europe. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and said: "this is certainly China manufacturing." He believes that the need for cost control, "like WAL-MART these large supermarkets are love China manufactured goods, and these goods are very attractive to consumers in britain."
In fact, love "China manufacturing" is more than WAL-MART and other large retailers, some European local small and medium-sized retailers are actively seeking suitable Chinese products. For example, in Birmingham, England in early September at the "China brand Europe exhibition, in a period of four days of the exhibition has more than 7 million visitors visited the exhibition, according to organizers estimated that the professional purchasing groups about 5 million people. These purchasing groups have found their favorite products. In the next delivery cycle, I believe there will be a lot of marketable goods in the European market Chinese.
Except perhaps in European supermarkets put the "made in China", and from another point of view reflects Chinese products more attractive to European consumers from customs vapid statistics. The first quarter of this year, total exports to Europe China goods accumulated 91 billion 767 million dollars, an increase of 24.5%. China brand exhibition Bermingham hand on the way to the Heathrow Airport, with Louis Weedon bought a new handbag, Zhejiang businessman Shao Baoling think this trip to Britain came very value. The two generation of Shao Baoling and not to rely on luxury goods to show off the rich, the people of Yiwu known for their practicality, brand-name bags just symbolic ". Make her feel worthwhile and not Louis Weedon, but inside a 4200 Chinese dragon luggage orders.
Shaobaoling himself is doing business luggage, although the two brands of her management of "dragon" and "BAILI Polaroid" at present is far smaller than that of Louis Vuitton, but she's trying to put to promote its own brand to Europe, let more consumers in Europe more than is to use bags of "made in China", but "made in China" brand luggage. As the Dragon bags Co., Ltd. executive director, Shao Baoling came to Britain at the autumn of this year's "Chinese brand Europe" exhibition. And her, a total of 185 Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition, exhibitors to China National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham display gifts, stationery, toys, textile and clothing, kitchen supplies, bags, household goods, gardening supplies and small appliances, such as nine categories of more than 1000 kinds of brands of China, exhibiting a total area of 5000 square meters, they in an effort to will China Commodity driven to European consumers hands. At present, Britain has become China's third largest trading partner in the EU, while China is the second largest trading partner in the EU outside the EU, the complementary nature of bilateral trade is growing, increasing trade dependence. Bermingham mayor Mike Whitby believes that the UK's advantage in the creative industries and China's strong manufacturing capacity, will benefit both sides. He during the opening ceremony of the "China brand goods in Europe exhibition type said:" Birmingham has been some cities in China and maintained good relations, goods such as designed in Birmingham, made in China, Sino British cooperation will have a vast application scene, also contributed to some of China's brand in the world development and growth. " Since 2004, the "China brand goods exhibition in Europe" has been successfully held 8 sessions, to optimize the Sino EU trade structure, expand cooperation in space, and promote China EU economic and trade relations have played a positive role.
Although many brands to China goods
Ruth, a 19 year old British university student, although he knew the giant panda and the the Great Wall, was asked to know which Chinese brands, he said he did not come out at once. "Is the modern car in China?" He sheepishly asked some. Later in the discussion of a few friends, and finally to cite the right example: Qingdao beer -- and this is the bar to see regular, because there is no Chinese beer in general in British supermarkets.
Ruth is just one of the millions of ordinary consumers in Europe, the degree of understanding of the Chinese brand of others will not be much more than the young college students. The use of Chinese goods and do not know the Chinese brand, which is the plight of Chinese products out of the encounter.
Lack of awareness of Chinese brand awareness is caused by historical reasons. Because China's export-oriented manufacturers are OEM (OEM) started to do, they get in the overseas orders for production, to the ordering party brand sales, only to earn processing fees. The advantage of this mode of production is that the risk is small, do not need self built channels. But on the other hand, low profits, hinder the enterprise bigger and stronger.
For example, in the Carrefour and Tesco supermarkets in Europe to buy microwave oven is made in China, and most of them are Galanz China production, but is the use of European manufacturers of brand. Consumers in the use of the microwave oven not only do not know is a Chinese brand, but also become they accept Galanz brand disorder, because Chinese goods in the process of "going out", inevitably will in Europe market encountered and competition in their own production of branded goods.
In the "China brand merchandise exhibition in Europe", Shao Baoling also encountered a similar situation. At a distance from her booth, she had her booth in the UK. Where the display of bags are Shao Baoling in Yiwu, Zhejiang factory production, but after the European local brand, the price of the product is higher than the Shao Baoling booth.
This "China creates" the absence of the brand, leading to the low profit of China's export enterprises. This is not only Shao Baoling such businesses have deep feelings, foreign trade authorities are also aware of the seriousness of the problem. Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Company priests WangShouwen told the economic reference news reporter, at present Chinese export enterprises with less than 20% of the independent brand, prevalent in the enterprise brand strategy is unknown, investment is not enough short board.
In the official who has a doctorate, in Europe and even the world to enhance the Chinese brand image, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands is the only way to further expand the Chinese enterprises.
China brand foothold in Europe has a long way to go
The image of a national brand is linked to the whole image of the country. But now the Chinese goods in the eyes of the European consumers are generally left the impression that the poor quality and cheap, obviously in the world's second largest economy in the world, the status of. Therefore, to create high-quality brand image, is an important task for Chinese enterprises to "go out".
However, it is not a task to finish the task. "The father of creative industries," said Professor John Hawkins, a reminder that changing the Europeans' prejudice against the quality of "made in China" is the first step in reshaping the Chinese brand. Speaking of TV, cameras and other products, Europeans generally believe that the Japanese goods are a symbol of quality and reliability, and the establishment of this impression is the direction of China's brand efforts.
Fortunately, many Chinese brands are quietly with excellent quality of the European market to reclaim. For example, James Johnston's daily work is to promote a Chinese brand of lighting equipment in the UK consumers. The more than 40 years old people in Birmingham has the characteristics of typical British businessman, trim suit, hair combs meticulously, speak words to clarity and for changes in the market some key figures like the palm of his hand.
The NVC marketing manager said, many customers do not know, he is Chinese brand sales. When know the brand belongs to China, tend to be impressed by the product quality, remember and accept this brand.
NVC is expected to be completed this year, sales of 18 million pounds, and plans for next year will increase to 24 million pounds, thus at one stroke in the lighting market in the UK before eight. NVC as such in Europe to employ local sales staff to establish and maintain brand, nature can achieve the twice the result with half the effort.
However there is also Chinese personnel for the same purpose hard work, such as work only three years once the tiger, as overseas business center of TCL air-conditioning division Italian area sales manager, he responsible for the area of market competition very clear. "In Italy consumers most agree with Panasonic and other Japanese brands, and then the local brands in Italy, we and the Korean brand almost."
In the first few years after the internationalization of mergers and acquisitions, TCL is using its own brand in the European air conditioning market force, we are now the market base is small, the development of large space. This year to complete the 70 thousand sets of goals in Italy next year, plans to grow by 50%, to reach 100 thousand sets of sales." Once the tiger said confidently.
In Italy, with a population of 60 million, 100 thousand sets of air conditioning can be shipped per year is not a small figure, which is enough to allow consumers to have a further understanding of the Chinese brand. Chinese goods is the need for such a quantitative change to qualitative change, in quality, design and patent, in order to let the Chinese create alternative to made in China, become part of European consumers life indispensable.
Just need to find the right direction, perhaps too soon, in the European market, shaobaoling made bags will be known by consumers like Louis Vuitton, Ruth like say apple, Sony as a string of Chinese brand name hanging in the mouth; consumers in the choice of Philips, OSRAM light source will seriously consider NVC; Zeng tiger will proudly claimed that Chinese air conditioner in the European market, the upper column of the first group.


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