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TPR sole machine

 1, automatic disc type injection molding machine working principle
As we all know, there are a large number of horizontal injection molding machine frequency conversion success stories. Shoe making enterprises automatic disc plastic injection molding machine, is the main shoe-making enterprises a common electric equipment, electric tiger said. China is a big country of shoe-making, there are a large number of shoe-making equipment, and the unit involved in the transformation of energy is relatively small, the main reason is that people are fully automatic plastic injection molding machine is not familiar with the working principle.
1.1 mechanical characteristics of fully automatic plastic injection molding machine
1 this machine is specially used for the production of various kinds of high grade single color, double color and three color sports shoes, casual shoes soles, men and women's shoes and other products.
2 raw materials for the production of foam and other thermoplastic materials, such as PVC, TPR, etc..
3) the machine to the computer program (SCM, PLC) control, the main, auxiliary machine control precision, simple operation, easy maintenance.
The comparison between the 1.2 disc machine and the traditional horizontal injection molding machine (see chart)
1) hydraulic motor
Horizontal injection molding machine and disc pump are quantitative pump. In the injection molding process, the change of the pressure of the oil pump is frequent, in which the traditional way of the low pressure maintenance is to relieve the pressure through the proportional valve. Electricity waste is very serious.
2) according to the type of disc machine, divided into monochrome machine and two-color machine, three color machine and other models.
Monochrome machine is only one host, similar to the horizontal injection molding machine.
Two color machine has a host and a vice. The auxiliary machine is responsible for shooting glue, glue melt, upper mould, lower mould and so on. The main machine includes the action of the auxiliary machine, and the movement of the rotating disk is realized.
Three color machine has a host and two auxiliary machine.
3) mold quantity
Horizontal injection molding machine is generally only one set of mold in the work, the production process in the change, the need to replace the mold.
According to different models, the number of molds are also different, generally 18, 20, 24, 30 sets of molds. According to the production process, through the control panel, set the mold to use effective or not. Such as: TY-322 models, 24 station mode (can be installed in the 24 molds), the production can be flexible according to the needs of all or part of the mold for the effective mode. Working disc machine, big wheel rotation clockwise direction along the high-speed implementation, PLC or SCM procedures for the implementation of the operation, when the detected effective mode when PLC or SCM scan to slow down signal when the turntable begins to slow down. When the positioning signal is reached, the turntable is positioned accurately. Otherwise, if no valid mode is detected, the big disk is rotated to the next active mode.
Horizontal injection molding machine as long as there is a lock mold or mold signal, it will perform the relevant actions.
4) pressure adjustment mode
Pressure adjustment mode of horizontal injection molding machine and disc machine are proportional pressure control mode, but the disc machine (more die) jet pressure of each die can be independently set by the control panel, suitable for different injection volume of product manufacturing.
Horizontal injection molding machine production of each product, the relevant parameters are consistent.
5) mold work
Horizontal injection molding machine work, the fixed die is not moving, only the activities of the mold in the command of the right or left side of the mold or mold, a straight line movement.
When the disc machine works, the fixed mould and the movable mould are moved and positioned by the big rotary table. When the mould is locked and the opening instruction is executed, the oil cylinder performs an upward or downward motion. When the product is taken, the operator can open the movable mold manually and take out the product.
6 (disc)
Automatic disc plastic injection molding machine because the turntable is named after the circle, referred to as the disk machine (sole machine). In the disk divided several parts. If TY-322 is divided into 24 modules.
If the host and the auxiliary machine are not detected when the effective mode, and the host and vice are in the form of open mold, PLC or single chip issued an order, the disk by the host to provide pressure for high-speed rotation. The system can automatically detect the effective mode, and the disk can be accurately positioned after deceleration.
7) cooling method
The traditional horizontal injection molding machine has the concept of "cooling time", and the cooling water cycle is installed on the mold.
The disk machine is different, it has no cooling water circulation system, because the product after molding, rotary disc machine itself for a long time in a rotary state or standby machine has also installed several sets of cooling fan, cooling mould and product.
1.3 disc machine working principle
The injection process of circular machine lock in the mold, injection mold, and melt, disk speed and other movements, of speed and pressure requirements are not the same, from the control panel on the proportion of value, such as: P1, P2 set off set injection molding, a pressure injection two P3 set time pressure, feed pressure setting P4. When the disc machine flow pressure demand changes, by the oil pump at the exit of the proportional valve (relief valve) to adjust the load pressure and flow, excess oil pressure overflow back to the tank.
Single disc machine has only one host, mainly to provide pressure to the system, to complete the injection glue melt action and mold opening operation, in addition to control a turntable system, complete the mold movement and positioning.
The dual color machine has both the host computer and the slave computer. They are mainly made up of heating, injecting glue, melt adhesive system and clamping system. Three color machine is similar to the two-color machine, it has a host, the two vice. The host is responsible for the rotation and positioning of the disc.
The disc machine operates when breaking up and running automatically in two parts.
Manual operation, the operator must provide the corresponding command, disc machine


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